About Muthus

what we do

We Have 35 Years of Experiance

We build a good rapport with the patient and their families before they leave our Campus. We are happy to humbly declare that their rating about us is on the positive and higher side. They profusely praise the overall management system of admission, surgical procedures, nursing care, accommodation, Catering and departures.  That is why they either prefer or refer others to us for their speedy recovery from ailments. In Dr. Muthu’s Hospital, excellence we repeat is not an isolated act but our habit.


“Always patient first”, is the slogan preached and practiced by us. Humanitarian approach is the hall mark of our words and works.


“World-class Treatment at the affordable cost with human touch”.

To give cost-effective,need based, time saving and patient-friendly healing touches to the needy.Humane approach is the hallmark of our words and works. In Dr.Muthus Hospital, excellence we repeat is not an isolated act but our habit.

Core Values

Compassion Combines with Competency




Hospital Rooms


Years of Experiance


Qualified Staffs

Quality Policy

To provide value added innovative, consistent, and continuously improving health and medical care to sustain and further improve clinical outcomes, patient safety, & patient satisfaction.

World class operation theatres with advanced laminar airflow with Hepafilters.
International standards in quality policy in all departments.
Quality check at each level of Treatment.
Hygenicity everywhere is the Moto
Germ free environment is our Goal


Insurance Benefits

Private Insurances apart, we are a proud partner of Chief Ministers Health INsurance Scheme of Tamil Nadu

We serve lot of patients whose life would have become a big question mark but for the state medical insurance scheme.

You can trust that you are in the right hands at the right place when you need the most of our services. Dr. Muthu’s Hospital is a temple of modern medicines and surgeries where you can find an array of divinely blessing joining hands with clinical efforts every time.