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Emergency Care & Ambulance Services

Emergency Care & Ambulance Services

Dr Muthus Hospital is a pioneer of modern day emergency care in the city. It has set up a network of Emergency Services to provide emergency care of uniform quality standards across the city. Its 24-hour emergency and trauma care is geared to meet all medical and surgical emergencies, including poly-trauma

Dr Muthus Emergency Care

Dr Muthus Emergency Care is a scientifically developed protocol-driven emergency system. The system has several unique and innovative features –

  • An easy to remember emergency access number -80123 15000 – 80123 13000.
  • Ambulances that are well equipped and manned by trained personnel
  • Ambulance Services for remote areas and life-threatening emergencies.
  • Effective communication system between the hospital, ambulances, and the emergency facilities in the hospitals.
  • Standardised emergency rooms in the hospitals that are a part of the emergency care.
  • Common functional and medical protocols across the system.
  • Training of doctors and other personnel required for pre-hospital and in-hospital care.
  • “Save the life scheme” – an accident insurance card to increase affordability.
  • Community involvement programme for rescuing emergency victims and mobilising emergency response.

Emergency Care Specialists

In a medical emergency, your best hope for recovery would be to get treated by the best of doctors. Our Emergency care units  at Dr Muthus Hospital are managed by the doctors specialising in Trauma care and they provide cutting edge treatment for all kinds of medical emergencies. The doctors at the Emergency care units at Dr Muthus Hospital ensure quick diagnosis and treatment for patients with their unsurpassed expertise and knowledge. With state-of-the-art technology, our emergency care specialists make the life saving difference for many.

Infection Controls

Intensive Care Unit

  • Our infection control protocols pertain to a wide spectrum of interventions & have been developed jointly with intensivists & anaesthetists
  • ICUs - high risk areas for patient where life-threatening mistakes & omissions in care can occur
  • Checklist of care should be addressed daily
  • Critically ill patients highly vulnerable to health care associated infection, resulting in significant morbidity & prolonged length of hospital stay
  • Responsibility of every member of the health care team to ensure compliance with hospital and unit infection control policies - like hand-washing before & after examining a patient; use of alcohol hand rubs; use of sterile barriers & disposable gloves; safe disposal of all sharps & patient consumables; & traffic control