Plastic Surgery

When accident and trauma victims are so seriously injured, they require attention from a team of trauma, orthopaedic and plastic surgeons too. Bone grafting, skin grafting and reconstructive plastic surgeries are common procedures in an ortho super speciality hospital. Transforming the lives of people who have suffered traumatic injuries, Reconstructive plastic surgeries improve functions of damaged body parts and enhance or promote a normal appearance.

As soon as the accident victims arrive with injuries such as facial traumas or shattered, mangled limbs evaluation and treatment is started immediately by the plastic surgeons. When appropriate they begin immediate reconstructive work.

Because the sooner we start treatment, the more realistic are the results we get. Especially true in case of facial injuries otherwise once the bones start to heal, then it is difficult to achieve pre-traumatic results.

Plastic Reconstructive Surgeries involve any number of combinations of plates, surgical screws, synthetic implants and grafts of bone, nerves, muscle and skin to help restore function as well as appearance of damage tissues. Thanks to the top notch medical advancements now-a-days because we have an almost 100% success rate with the grafts we have done over the past two years.

Depending on the extent of injuries, the initial reconstruction process can take one to two months. At this point, many patients regain mobility in damaged limbs and craniofacial structures. Cosmetic refinements often take place a year later.

At Muthus it’s always rewarding to see patients outlook on life change on so many levels. We help to restore the function in people’s bodies and a normal appearance in the society. It is truly rewarding to see the appreciation in patients’ eyes.