DNB Ortho Specialist
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Born as a woman, I have the thrive to educate and help women. I feel that educating a woman is like educating a generation. An educated girl empowers her community, lift her country and charges the world. So starting an educational institution and educating girl children is my desire from my childhood.


I always believe in those words; doctors alone can’t save many lives Doctors. Along with their team paramedical can only save many lives.

Nursing is one among the important paramedical people who acts as a primary live saver in critical conditions. They ensure the wellbeing of patients throughout the whole of the health care journey. A nurse spends more time with inpatients the doctors. So a well-trained nurse is one of the cardinal elements of patient’s care.

Since we are running hospitals which are dedicated for patient care, we thought starting a college for paramedical course and intensively educating the nurses would be helpful in serving the community and human mankind.

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